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Auto Repair Services in Napa, CA area

Car brakes

Napa Quality Auto Repair provides a number of services for car owners in Napa. We can work with any make, model, and year of domestics and imports, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles.


Napa Quality Auto Repair will get your car stopping safely again with our advanced brake repair services. This includes replacing your brake pads, rotors, drums, and lines as needed. We also replace and refill brake fluid. Whether you need a minor preventative repair or have experienced brake failure need extensive repairs immediately, our mechanics will get your car operating safely again in no time.

Air Conditioning

With California’s hot summer temperatures, driving without air conditioning can be unbearable. We’ll make your car cool and comfortable again by making any air conditioning repair. We’ll refill your refrigerant, fix a hose leak, replace the blower motor or compressor, clean your ventilation system, or any other repair you need to get the AC working again.


It’s not uncommon for a vehicle to make a strange noise or exhibit a reoccurring problem that you cannot indentify. When this happens, or if your check engine light comes on, bring your car into Napa Quality Auto Repair. Our advanced computer diagnostics system will uncover the problem and our technicians will meet with you to discuss the repairs you need to get back on the road. Sometimes, a minor, inexpensive repair is all that’s needed.


If your steering wheel is shaky, you hear a grinding sound when you turn, or your steering wheel seems stiff when you turn it, you may need a steering system repair. Our mechanics will fix power steering fluid leaks, steering column problems, or any other steering systems parts to ensure your car drives and turns steadily and smoothly.


Does your car seem unsteady at high speeds or on rough roads? Does hitting a pothole feel more like a small rollercoaster hill? Your suspension system may need to be repaired. Our experienced staff will repair shock absorbers, struts, and frame components to restore a smooth, stable ride.

Oil Changes

Our auto technicians provide oil changes in as little as 30 minutes. We work with natural, synthetic, and synthetic blends. Every oil change includes an oil filter change.


In addition to oil changes, we also provide all other types of maintenance services, including fluid flushes, spark plug replacement, timing belt inspection (and replacement when necessary), battery testing and contact cleaning, windshield wiper fluid refills, and cabin and engine air filter replacements.

Transmission Service

Our auto body shop also offers transmission service, including transmission fluid flushes and other major and minor repairs. If your transmission is “slipping” when you switch gears or hesitating when you accelerate, you may need a transmission repair. We can also rebuild transmission or switch them from manual to automatic and vice versa.


Napa Quality Auto Repair also has tires available for purchase and offers tire services. These services include patching a flat tire, vulcanizing, tire balancing, and tire rotation.


Tune-up services include a package of services to maintain and check the condition of your vehicle. This includes checking the spark plugs and replacing them if needed, a vehicle integrity inspection, tire pressure check and adjustment if needed, check and replacement of fuel and air filters, idle and timing adjustment, clutch adjustment for manual transmissions, a thorough inspection of the engine, and replacement of worn engine components such as oxygen sensors and control module components.

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